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Summer Lovin' Journaling Resource

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Summer summer summer summer!!

I am SO ready for this new season - *technically* starts mid-June, but since yesterday was Memorial Day and Andrew has already chosen his "ultimate summer jam" and we're approaching the high 80s in SoCal I'm calling it.

Summer 2012 is here!

Various bloggers have started sharing summer posts ..... Danielle is talking about food and summer memories, Viv is giving you recommendations for documenting your summer and Kyla is writing about summer intentions.

I'm doing Project Life this year, but this summer I'm going to attempt another memory-keeping project.... something more art-journally and summer-focused...

I made this BASIC minibook structure last week. It's just the cover, really. And a couple pages done so far (not pictured):

For my autumn minibook, I chose/cropped a whole bunch of pages ahead of time. That definitely helped me stay caught up, but this time around I want to go for something less structured.

The minibook cover is not a specific size (maybe 5x7ish), so I'm planning on having the pages be various sizes and mediums as well (inspired by Kara's summer book and my own ephemera books from high school that I still should show you).

If you want to journal your summer along with me, download my new resource Summer Lovin' here.

This is not a class.

This is merely some suggested prompts and ideas for documenting your summer.

I've basically just brainstormed from my own summers past, from some of my previous-summer blog posts, and from various other online resources (like Sunset Magazine's twitter feed of all places).

If you're looking for a more structured class with specific step-by-steps, this is not it.

But I can recommend If you just need a little idea boost to remind you of how awesome summer is, download Summer Lovin'

Even if you're not planning on doing a minibook project, go ahead and write your summer manifesto!