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Tell Its Story

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USD 19.00

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My newest ebook Tell Its Story: Journaling the Memories of your Stuff is officially available

This new ebook from Lemon and Raspberry walks through the ideas behind material culture and the value of physical objects in our lives.

We discuss real life examples (like music or your childhood homes) … and then go on to discuss specific techniques to record the stories of your objects.

The final chapter looks at 4 or 5 different projects you can make to help record the stories of your things – your heirlooms, your souvenirs, your every day objects.

Download Tell Its Story now for only $19

I believe in things.

I believe that your belongings DO have meaning beyond just their physical makeup.

And I believe those things deserve to be recorded.

Tell Its Story is half a discussion of what is important and meaningful in our lives …. and half a photography and craft project.

For only $19 you get:
  • immediately available download
  • 50+ page pdf eBook that includes
  • specific photography tips and when to use which
  • specific journaling questions to consider
  • project ideas for how to record the story of your belongings
  • a collection of references for further reading
A list of chapters:
  • Objects and Meaning
  • In Real Life
  • Photographing your Objects
  • Journaling your Memories
  • Bring it Together