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All ProductsProductivity

The Finishing Manifesto

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When are you going to finish what you started?   As artists and crafters we have perpetual projects in progress....  ...never-ending photo organization  ...trying to stay “caught up” with scrapbooking ...constant blog re-designs ...planning your eventual etsy shop ...piles of fabric and thread for that quilt that you will finish someday ...lots of ideas for projects that you will get to one day. When exactly will that “one day” be? When will you actually sit down and cut the fabric? When will you send the email to request a design quote? When will you take that next step to move your project forward? As creators we are constantly fighting against... ...apathy ...the lizard brain ...distractions ...the Resistance ...fear All of these things are fighting against us finishing our creative work. Arm yourself in order to finish your creative work. The Finishing Manifesto is one way to do that. This new ebook is both my challenge and my encouragement to you to FINISH your creative projects that you've been dreaming and planning.